Background Music For Your Videos

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Unlimited Use

Best Background Music For Video Projects

Do you want unlimited use of my music in your videos? Become my premium patron and you can create unlimited videos with my music. All my music will be available to you. Also every month you will receive 5-8 new tracks. You will be able to monetize your videos. You may use my music for commercial purposes. You won’t have copyright issues.

About me: Hi, I’m Parker Axis, many people know me from my projects: WOW Channel on YouTube and AudioJungle. I have been making music since childhood and lately I have been writing tracks for video content and commercials and various indie artists. Having dedicated my whole life to this, I want to give people what I can do best.

I make new tracks based on the structure and music of YouTube videos that have over a million views. All music tracks are original. I analyze many channels and take only what works. If you use these tracks and music packs in your videos, the chances of success increase. Verified by professional bloggers and content creators.
I get a lot of great feedback from my clients. They are asking me to create safer background music tracks so they can use them in their videos for free. I’ve decided to charge a small creation fee to cover the costs associated with creating music tracks and packages so I can make more of this success-charged music for you). To access and download all tracks, you need to become my Patreon patron..

How it works? Every month I create new music tracks. You can join (become my patron) for $ 5 per month. The commission will be charged on the day of connection, the next commission will be at the beginning of the next month. Subsequent payments will be made at the beginning of each month.

You will be charged for the music tracks i created this month (for example, you joined on March 15th, you will be charged for the tracks i created in March, the next fee will be charged on April 1st for the music tracks i will create in April). After payment, you will have access to all the background music that i have created prior to your registration.

When you become my patron, messages will be available to you where you can download all background music tracks and music packs. You can use background music tracks for your videos or other projects.

Here is what you get:

Gold patron: If you join for $5 a month, you’ll get all the music tracks in MP3 format. I will create new music tracks every month. I will create several according to your preferences. You will receive a direct link where you can download all the music tracks with one click.


  • No Copyrights: You will have no copyright issues on YouTube and other sites.
  • Unlimited Use: You can unlimited use music on YouTube and and other sites.
  • Monetization: You can monetize your videos on YouTube and on other sites. This means that you can earn income from your videos on YouTube and other sites.
  • Commercial: You can use music tracks for commercial purposes on YouTube and other sites.
  • Use: You can use all the music tracks on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, websites, social media, applications and more.

Check out the frequently asked questions

Visit my Patreon page. Then click “Become a Patron“. Go through the registration procedure and fill in the payment information.

If the link does not work, copy and paste into your browser line:


I create 1-5 music tracks every month.

First of all, you must be my patron. 

All my music tracks are protected by copyright. I must protect our copyrights from fraudsters. If your video has received a copyright complaint on YouTube, you have nothing to worry about. Your video is safe, that’s how YouTube’s copyright protection works. Write me a letter and i will delete all claims, in the letter indicate your data, the mail that you indicated on Patreon (so that i can find you among my patrons), a link to your video, a screenshot of the claim.

If you have more questions, you can write to me here.